Feel free to explore and experiment here


  • Site refreshes overnight 
  • The site is in credit card demo mode to allow you to view the transaction process.  No credit cards are transmitted for actual processing, but credit card info will be visible to other playpen users - so may use test number:  4111 1111 1111 1111.
  • This site displays Quick Bid increments. To see a demo site set up for Max (ebay- style) Bids, click here.
  • Logged in admins can restrict bidding and edit bidding group closing times at Site Settings > Events > Online Auction/Mobile Bidding > Bidding Settings.

To participate in mobile bidding:

Option 1:   Click on the Catalog icon below to browse the catalog.   When you find an item you would like to bid on, click on the Signup link.

Option 2:  Click on the Buy Tickets icon below.  This site is set up to automatically send an invite to bid to each person that purchases a ticket.  Be sure to provide a valid email address that you can retrieve the invite from.

Option 3:  While logged in as demo user,   Go to Auction Night > Send Invites > enter your email in one of the user records > Select Record > Send Invite.  Then open the emailed invitation and follow the prompts.


Login:  demo
PW:  12345

View the Mobile Display screen 

Note:  display screen will not scroll if cursor rests on a tile.  At your event, display would be viewed on flatscreen tv, monitor, or projected to wall/screen. 

Gala with Mobile Bidding

December 31, 2022
12:00 PM (PST)

Melody Ballroom
615 SE AlderSt, Portland, OR 97214

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