You must be logged in, as either a Chair/Admin/Volunteer or as a Voter to access the voting screen (and settings, of course).

1.  To view Contest Set-up and Voting screens as an admin, login as Chair/Admin/Volunteer (upper right) > Click on Voting Contest tab in Nav Bar > Edit Icon or Public Preview Button:


2.  Previewing the Invitation to Vote process is a little cumbersome on a demo site because you'll need to create a User record for yourself first. (On a live event site, user records will be created when you import potential voters from a spreadsheet and/or as tickets are purchased.)

  • Go to Admin > Manager Users > Add User > enter your first name and email address > Save.
  • From the User page: Select your User Record > Bulk Actions > Email Selected Guests > Select Invitation to Vote template > Send.
  • Open the emailed invitation on your smartphone to Vote.


3.  Be sure to check out the Display Screens that can be used to project live voting progress/results during your event.  Note:  these displays are optimized for large screens and may be truncated on smaller computer monitors.

Dance Contest Display

Dessert Dash Display




  • Site refreshes overnight  
  • The site is in credit card demo mode to allow you to view the transaction process.  No credit cards are transmitted for actual processing, but you may use a test number:  4111111111111111 or expired/non-valid card for transactions.


Login with desired role:

Login:  chair    Password:  chair

Login:  admin    Password:  admin

Login:  volunteer    Password:  volunteer